Monthly Archives: May 2015

Are you sharing your #age?


In the last month, I have either had conversations or seen interviews or over heard women talking about age. The surprising thing is even those considered younger, who one would think should not be concerned, are hiding their age. I have never understood why it was something not to share or celebrate.  I have at times, tied my age to accomplishments but I have not used a delay in a goal to not embrace my age.  I feel that age allows you to contrbute to another (wisdom, information, battle scars, etc.) for another woman or man.

Because I have experienced age discrimination in my career many times, I have to attest, this maybe the contributors. Based on peoples’ belief or non belief about where they are or should be; they bring in their own perceptions, really baggage, about you; and your fear of others view?

Regardless, I’ll continue to reveal my age, if I feel it’s needed or just because I’m glad for every year I am…#40LifeAfterBirth