Spending is not Saving

I was just a dinner talking about this on Saturday and again on Sunday with another friend. Then, I go to my email and I read this. Regardless of your religious belief the information and insight are worth sharing.

To save – we must recognize that it is not spending. A new iPhone just came out. One of these phones sells for close to $1000. But say I found a discount of $200 and bought the phone. It would not be appropriate to say I saved $200 if I bought the phone. It would be more appropriate to say I spent $800. Spending is not the same as saving. Yet, many of us talk about saving money when we find a good deal. But I will save $800 by not buying the phone and continuing to use my two-year-old phone.

Spending is Not Saving – https://philressler.com/spending-is-not-saving/?mc_cid=da14c412d2&mc_eid=1184a599e9



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