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40 Is The New Forty

40 Is The New Forty

A friend just turned me onto this website. Keeping an eye on it…see what you think.


Exploring Imagination

Visiting Disney with the first time as a new mom was exciting. My son was in awe. Looking at the difference from 30 to 40…how I use my imagination and the way I consciously decide to explore the things that make me creative. Not only was this a awe for him but an exploration of opening my imagination. Just pure fun!

40: LifeAfterBirth! Imagination…

Hello world!

It hit me one day, while watching “The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet” on Lifetime, that the new culture is 40. Not only having a baby at the age of 40, the transition that comes with entering this age is more than a notion. With re-entering the world of journaling, I shared with my over 40 friends my thoughts and feelings, and the journey was the same – men, business, children and sex. So why not blog about it…

40: Life After Birth! Happy Blogging…