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#Pixar #InsideOut – Great Summer Movie!

When I saw the preview for this movie, I thought it was a great way to introduce and shed some light on how little humans go through some of the same things we do as adults. Some facing things like depression. However, as I watched the trailer, I know that this is a movie that the parent and child want to see together. It can aide in a parent not ignoring the emotions of the his/her child; but also let the child see that these are not odd or not “normal” and that adults deal with it as well. This is edutainment at its’ best – a teachable moment! Enjoy it! #40lifeafterbirth

Exploring Imagination

Visiting Disney with the first time as a new mom was exciting. My son was in awe. Looking at the difference from 30 to 40…how I use my imagination and the way I consciously decide to explore the things that make me creative. Not only was this a awe for him but an exploration of opening my imagination. Just pure fun!

40: LifeAfterBirth! Imagination…