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The Most Important Trait For Working Parents To Cultivate In Their Kids

We posted this article on our social media. And with the power of synchronicity, this is what I have been meditating on for the last week – #resilience.  I think that with eh amount of #stress I keep hearing kids are having at such a young age, this may be one that they need to put in practice, along with their parents.

How important is resilience? It could have long-term health implications. A study published in the February 1, 2016, issue of Heart found that young men with low-stress resilience scores were 40% more likely to develop high blood pressure later in life. Read more here!



Happy Heart Day

A day has past and all the rushing to the store has stopped. I realized that this day has never had a lot of meaning for me. As a child, my mom and dad gave us cards, we said “Happy Valentine’s Day” and that was it. So when I went to college and saw all of the “energy” put behind this day, I was so surprised.  We had so much love and fun in our house, the same that I provide for my son that when I said to him “Happy Valentine’s Day”, he said “No Valentine’s Day mommy. It’s your birthday,” which recently passed. I told him no but he kept saying “No Valentine’s Day!”  This just made me realize and think that the value in my life has never been placed on it and so I haven’t passed it on. But I still love the fact that people do pause to give attention to the heart, even if it’s for one day. Insight…Happy Heart Day!


Potty Training A Boy…Ugh!

This has been the most trying time of parenting.  My son is so intelligent and comprehension level through the roof! But to go to the bathroom…No, mommy! I had to sit with myself, let go of my ego and expectation of him to let it happen in his time. We are better than before but still not there. However, no longer do I or his father stress about it; just our saying…he’ll get there.

Apparently I’m not alone, as other boy mother’s say the same…

Advice is always welcome!!!

Hello world!

It hit me one day, while watching “The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet” on Lifetime, that the new culture is 40. Not only having a baby at the age of 40, the transition that comes with entering this age is more than a notion. With re-entering the world of journaling, I shared with my over 40 friends my thoughts and feelings, and the journey was the same – men, business, children and sex. So why not blog about it…

40: Life After Birth! Happy Blogging…