Monthly Archives: November 2012

Closing Thanksgiving 2012

Blessings have been what I claim the last 5 days to be.  One visit from my sister took my creativity to the next level…new fabric, copper wire, bating and wood? Let the fun begin. In addition, I was able to see how much respect and love my son has for his father at 3 years old. Now that’s abundance – creative love!

What is the highest vision you hold of yourself?

I have been doing the 21 day Mediation Challenge with Chopra Center. With it has been the most amazing questions at the end. Even though I have been meditating for 10+ years now, in and out, I have been committed to it daily for 7.5 daily. What a life changing thing. But when the question was posed to me I was a bit stumped? I thought I new this already but it really wasn’t the highest vision but a vision. So I ask – What is the highest vision you hold of yourself?