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Another #21days with #Deepak & #Oprah

If you have never done one, the 21 day meditation sessions, I highly recommend it. I have been taking part in this for almost 3 years and it’s what got me back into meditating daily…priceless.  Begins 7/13/15.  Enjoy ever moment.

FREE, 21-Day Meditation Experience


Giving up #Worry

The dialog around what the outcomes are from worry, whether it’s a constant fixture in your life or one that comes like a wave and then goes – but returns; worry can be hard to shake and cause turmoil in one’s life.

I realized that before the age of 40 and a little one, I don’t remember this being something that I dealt with. Even being an entrepreneur, I would sometimes face the conflict around finances but not loosing sleep or pivoting into worrying about minor things that become major.  But not putting this on parenting at all, but thyself.  After getting use to worry for my child, I think worry tried to become comfortable in my house…something I didn’t realize or recognize until last week. And that was the best medicine for it, recognition. Why? I was able to acknowledge it and change my thinking. Now, I am changing my thinking – a level of reprogramming that I physically feel. NOW, for me, worry has no place here…work in progress. #40lifeafterbirth

British philosopher Alan Watts poses the question in his speech on worry, which he describes as “a mind in the grip of vicious circles.”

Happy Heart Day

A day has past and all the rushing to the store has stopped. I realized that this day has never had a lot of meaning for me. As a child, my mom and dad gave us cards, we said “Happy Valentine’s Day” and that was it. So when I went to college and saw all of the “energy” put behind this day, I was so surprised.  We had so much love and fun in our house, the same that I provide for my son that when I said to him “Happy Valentine’s Day”, he said “No Valentine’s Day mommy. It’s your birthday,” which recently passed. I told him no but he kept saying “No Valentine’s Day!”  This just made me realize and think that the value in my life has never been placed on it and so I haven’t passed it on. But I still love the fact that people do pause to give attention to the heart, even if it’s for one day. Insight…Happy Heart Day!