Potty Training A Boy…Ugh!

This has been the most trying time of parenting.  My son is so intelligent and comprehension level through the roof! But to go to the bathroom…No, mommy! I had to sit with myself, let go of my ego and expectation of him to let it happen in his time. We are better than before but still not there. However, no longer do I or his father stress about it; just our saying…he’ll get there.

Apparently I’m not alone, as other boy mother’s say the same…

Advice is always welcome!!!

3 thoughts on “Potty Training A Boy…Ugh!

  1. You don’t mention your son’s age, but my son took until he was nearly four before he was pretty much consistently going to the bathroom on his own. We tried EVERYTHING! I was determined not to have one of those boys who was “old” and not potty trained! 😛 We did charts with stickers, rewards, and even a potty party (complete with cake!) but he was not going to go consistently until he was ready. My mother’s advice? “He won’t walk down the aisle to get married in diapers.” and she was right (but I highly doubted it on many occasions!) You’re doing great, just TRY to stay relaxed as you seem to be, and it’ll happen. 🙂

  2. Thanks Valerie. Hilarious. He will be 3 in September. So people tell he is still on target. Thanks for the advice. I verbally reward him, but I’ll try the stickers.

  3. potty training…I had 3 boys to potty train! It takes so much patients when doing this. It was a nightmare I can not lie. But once they mastered it…I felt so much better…until it was time to do it again! LOL

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